Welcome to Alaska Adventure Safaris, my name is Mike Zweng

Like many of you my boyhood dream was to wander the mountains and valleys in search of giant bears, majestic moose, and the other great species that this land has to offer. This dream became a reality when I first hunted moose near the Iditarod River many years ago.

Since that time I have guided sheep in the Tok Management Area, Interior Grizzly Bear, Moose on the Alaska Peninsula, and of course the Giant Bears of Kodiak Island. To be in the presence of these spectacular animals and to have the privilege of sharing the same surroundings is something that cannot be taken for granted and is held sacred to me.

I am first and foremost a conservationist that is committed to not only leaving no trace on the land, but to also minimize impact to the wildlife that calls this place home. I believe that hunting is an important part of managing wildlife so that all future generations will be able to experience the same opportunities we have today.

As a good steward of these natural resources it is important to be a part of the system that manages these resources and work with others so they can be enjoyed indefinitely.

I am a very small operation and only conduct few hunts each spring and fall. Most hunts are guided by myself. If you are looking for personalized service and a small scale operation, you have found the right place.


My style of hunting is to get in tune with the surroundings and become part of the environment. It takes time to feel this integration into nature, but once you do you will see, hear, smell, and feel the things that escape you in every day modern life. The unspoiled wilderness of Alaska is the perfect place to get back in touch with these senses.

Your safety, comfort, and the quality of the hunt you receive, are extremely important to me. My equipment and techniques have been fine tuned to maximize your hunting experience. My goal is to make this your best hunting adventure ever. The locations I hunt, when I hunt, and how I hunt, have all been given careful consideration to maximize your experience and success. I am committed to fair chase hunting and I am a member of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association (APHA).